aespa drops ‘Illusion’ from their 2nd mini album ‘Girls’

aespa have just dropped “Illusion” from their upcoming 2nd mini album ‘Girls’ without warning!

In fact, the girl group has just been chosen as Apple Music’s global ‘Up Next’ artist for June of 2022, and will be featured in an exclusive film and interview available exclusively via the streaming platform. As a part of their ‘Up Next’ artist spotlight, aespa will also be featured on an interview with Brooke Reese on Apple Music 1 very soon, and will be stopping by for an appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ some time later this month.

Meanwhile, aespa announced earlier today that their first English single, “Life’s Too Short”, will be out on June 24, right before the release of their 2nd mini album ‘Girls’ on July 8.

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