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 May,27 2011 Debut
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Apeace (에이피스)
Apeace is a South Korean boy band formed and under Golden Goose Entertainment.
The group was the largest K-pop boy band with 21 members until 30 June 2014 when it changed to 15 members.As of July 29 2018 it changed into 12 members.
The group now performs monthly concerts throughout Japan.

Popularity ranking of members

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   Jee HyunSung   4066  
   Jeong YoungUk   3681  
   Ha GeonHee   1454  
   J.D   1277  
   Choi YoungWon   267  
   Kim JinWoo   147  
   Kim WonSik   77  
   Kim WanChul   59  
   Oh SeHyeon   52  
   Min JinHong   39  
   Yoo DongHo   13  
   Yun JunSik   12  
   Hong SungHo   6  
   Heo ChangWoo   5  
   Kim DooHee   4  
   Hwang DuHwan   4  
   Lee TaeWoo   4  
   Park JaeWon   3  
   Mun ByeongHun   3  
   Song SeungHyuk   3  
   Lee MyunEun   3  

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Popularity ranking of groups

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Which Apeace member are you most compatible with?

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