GOT7 makes their heartfelt return to Ahgase through cheerful ‘NANANA’ MV

The boys of GOT7 are ready to fulfill the promise they made to fans!

On May 23 KST, the seven-member group returned with their new mini album ‘GOT7,’ featuring title track “NANANA.” The album is their first in roughly a year and three months, following February 2021’s ‘Encore.’

“NANANA,” which was written and composed by the group’s leader Jay B, returns fans to the group’s trademark ‘bright but chill’ sound, utilizing a playful pop sound and cheerful choreography. The song was made as a special gift to both the public and their fans who have been waiting for their return, wanting to give them a song that will make them happy. The bright mood of the song is paired with a colorful music video utilizing flowers to metaphorically usher in a ‘new spring’ for the group.

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