IVE celebrates their individuality in MV for ‘I AM’

Knewsinfo IVE celebrates their individuality in MV for 'I AM'
IVE is back with their first full-length album!

Starship Entertainment unveiled IVE’s new full-length album ‘I’ve IVE,’ featuring title track “I AM.”

“I AM” is a stylish song with a strong message encouraging listeners to discover a version of themselves different from who they were yesterday. Along with the unique and addictive synthesizer sound, IVE’s explosive vocals harmonize with the soaring drum beat and bass to maximize dynamics.

Meanwhile, ‘I’ve IVE’ features a total of 11 tracks, including “Blue Blood,” “I AM,” “Kitsch,” “Lips,” “Heroine,” “Mine,” “Hypnosis,” “NOT YOUR GIRL,” “Next Page,” “Cherish,” and “Shine With Me.”

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